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Robbie Sweeny


I am an Irish born, internationally published photographer, curator and artist. My work has been exhibited globally, most notably in a group exhibition at Tate Britain in 2010 and The De Young Museum in 2013. I relocated to San Francisco in 2010 where I work closely within the performance art community. My work deals with issues such as queer futurity, identity and movement. My collaboration list includes but is not limited to: The De Young Museum, SFMOMA, Counter Pulse, YBCA, Joe Goode Annex, Dance Mission, Keith Hennessy, Jess Curtis, Sara Shelton Mann, Amara T. Smith and Lenora Lee.


Selected Exhibitions

"New Asian Futurisms", Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, September-December 2019

Collaboration with SF artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's project; Tomorrow We Inherit the Earth: The Queer Intifada 

"Fresh Festival Exhibition", SPACE 124, Project Artaud, San Francisco, January 2019

Solo exhibition of over 90 performance images selected from 5 years of collaborating with the FRESH Festivals artists.

"Performance at CounterPulse", Equator Gallery, San Francisco, September-December 2018

Solo show highlighting collaborations with CounterPulse over the previous 8 years.


"Touch On", SOMARTS, San Francisco, December-January 2017 

Touch On: Aesthetics in the Art, Politics and Ontology of Touch is a deep inquiry into the multifaceted nature of touch curated by James Fleming and Kelly Lovemonster. 


“These too shall pass”, Three Ravens Gallery, February-April 2016 

Series of portraits exploring the relationship between artists and a city in a time of change and gentrification. 


“Work More #6,” SOMARTS, San Francisco, March-May, 2014 

Pairing San Francisco drag performance with non-drag fine artists. 


“Escape and Rescued Memories,” De Young Museum, San Francisco, May-June, 2013 

A two year collaboration with Lenora Lee 


“The Art of Photography,” Lyceum Gallery, San Diego, August-October, 2011 

Finalist out of over 15,000 entrants. Juror: Anne Lyden, Associate Curator at the J. Paul Getty Museum 


“Work More,” Counter Pulse, San Francisco, July 2011 

One of 3 selected photographers exhibiting work featuring San Francisco’s drag community. 


“Metamorphosis” -Roll Up Gallery, San Francisco, June 2011 

Curated group exhibition featuring six of San Francisco’s up and coming queer photographers. 


“Undressed,” Public Works, San Francisco, April 2011


CellSpace, San Francisco, March 2011


Artist Alley Gallery, San Francisco, March 2011


Station 40, San Francisco, March 2011 


Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory, San Francisco, July 2010


“Total Rewall,” Leake St. Tunnel, London, June 2010 

Exhibited and Co-Curated


“Tate Encounters,” Tate Britain, London, June 2010 

“Secrets,” The Foundry, London, June 2010 

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